> From: maya melnick <maya778...@yahoo.com>
> (I haven't commited, it's just a test branch, I don't want to commit....;-) 
>  make sense?

The way to think about it is that you've just changed a file in the
working directory, it isn't *in* the branch or the repository.  So
when you tell Git to shuffle the working directory to show the top of
master, Git sees that there's this entirely un-archived change in the
working directory, and it leaves it unchanged.

You can stash the change, but I think that what you really want is to
commit it into test.  The change may not be complete, but it safely
saves the change into test.  You can add further changes to the top
commit of test using "git commit --amend", or you can combine several
commits using "git rebase --interactive".


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