Hello Thomas,
for example:
This is the example hooks from 
I tired:
long_subject=$(git show master..Lingfei_test2 --pretty=format:%s | line | 
line | egrep 999)
#long_subject=$(git log --pretty=tformat:%s | line | egrep 999)
if [ -z "$long_subject" ]; then
    echo "error: commit subject's comments not include '999'"
    echo "    $long_subject"
    exit 1
But when I tested on my local repo and tried to push the new changes into 
the server repo, and this update hooks is only check the previous commit 
comments since either git show/git log the latest commit comments is always 
the previous one that I pushed. Not sure if this is clear? and what I want 
is compare the new commit push comments to check if the comments are meet 
prerequisites, (let's say if the commit comments include '999', then the 
push success, else exit).
On Wednesday, September 4, 2013 7:39:41 AM UTC-4, Thomas Ferris Nicolaisen 

> On Wednesday, September 4, 2013 1:31:26 PM UTC+2, Ling wrote: 
>>  Thanks Thomas, And yes I had read this and also I tried with git log 
>> but this won't works since git log is only created after the push, which 
>> means it won't compare the new push comment, it only compare the previous 
>> pushed comment to trigger the hooks. since what I need is trigger the hooks 
>> when new push comment not meet my prerequisites.
>> Thanks
>> Ling
> I'm not really sure what you mean. Can you share with us the hook you 
> currently have and an example of where the behavior is unexpected?

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