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Konstantin Khomoutov <flatw...@users.sourceforge.net> wrote:


> For each ref to be updated:
> 1) Call `git merge-base $oldname $newname` -- this will give you the
>    name of a commit which is common between the old and the new state
> of the ref.  In the simplest case -- a fast-forward of the ref this
> will be the old tip commit of that ref ($oldname here), in a more
> complex case, where a user did a forced push which replaced some (or
> all) of the ref's history, this will be the nearest (to the
> prospective new tip) commit which won't be replaced, and this means
> its log message has already been checked at some point back in time.
> 2) Having obtained this base commit, call
>    git rev-list $newname ^$basename
> 3) Iterate over the generated list, calling
>    git cat-file -p $sha1name

I've just tried, and `git log $newname ^$basename` just did the right
thing, so if you are okay with a coarse-grained approach, checking each
ref reduces to grepping the output of

git log $newname $(git merge-base $oldname $newname)

(possibly further instrumented with approptiate --format command-line

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