My current workplace is using Perforce as its VCS. I and a few other guys 
would like to run a road test with using Git in our workflow instead. I 
already converted some SVN repositories into Git in my previous workplace 
and it went smoothly and my colleagues were, as far as I can tell, happy 
with the switch to Git.

In order to start our trial with the Git tools and workflow, we need to 
migrate the Perforce repository, or at least a few branches, to a Git repo. 
So I've started trying the git-p4 tool (running msysGit 1.7.11 on Windows 7 
x64, python 2.7.2) but I get this error:

"fatal: git was built without support for  (NO_PYTHON=YesPlease)"

The git-p4 tool is actually a Python script.

Has anybody ever ran into similar problem? Either with git-p4 or any other 
tool / extension?

I'm now considering having a virtual machine running some Linux distro to 
be used as a conversion sandbox.

Any hint would be appreciated.


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