On Wednesday, September 11, 2013 5:05:07 PM UTC+4, EricP wrote:

In order to start our trial with the Git tools and workflow, we need to 
> migrate the Perforce repository, or at least a few branches, to a Git repo. 
> So I've started trying the git-p4 tool (running msysGit 1.7.11 on Windows 7 
> x64, python 2.7.2) but I get this error:
> "fatal: git was built without support for  (NO_PYTHON=YesPlease)"
> The git-p4 tool is actually a Python script.
> Has anybody ever ran into similar problem? Either with git-p4 or any other 
> tool / extension?

Git as of present does not mandate presence of Python to work
(only Perl for certain tools like git-svn and Tcl/Tk for two stock GUI 
tools) [2].
Hence Git for Windows does not currently include Python support though a 
"first stab" patch exists [1].

> I'm now considering having a virtual machine running some Linux distro to 
> be used as a conversion sandbox.

I think this is the only viable alternative currently short of helping
guys in the Git for Windows project to get Python in the right shape.


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