git archive -o ./ TAGver $(git diff --name-only startTAGver 
endTAGver --diff-filter [AMCRT])

If I run git archive by itself, it works. If I run git diff... it also 
works... If I put both together as I used to do, it now crashes! :\

On Wednesday, September 18, 2013 2:47:09 PM UTC-3, Armando Freire wrote:
> Hello guys!
> I've been trying to git archive a new version of the system I'm currently 
> working on, but, suddenly, the git archive command, which I used to use, 
> stopped working.
> I use the git archive followed by the git diff + filters, that is 
> necessary only to get the diff between the tagged versions.
> Right now, I can't generate the archive (a zip package) containing the 
> version changes because of this error: sh.exe": /bin/git: Bad file number
> I tried the git diff + filters (ACMRT and stuff) and it shows me the 
> correct diff, so, I discarted the problem with the diff. Later, I tried the 
> `git 
> archive only, with a test file, and it worked aswell. But if I use both 
> together, it gives me the error.
> Have anyone seen anything like this?
> Thanks!

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