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On 9/21/13, Philip Oakley <> wrote:

Dear Philip,
Thank you first of all for taking your time to answer and showing
interest in my query.

> A couple of points.
> To get a complete bundle use the --all option.

use the --all option where ? During the creation of the bundle or
during the unbundling of the bundle ?

Do you mean

:~/games$ git clone flare-game.bundle  --all ?


$ git bundle create flare-game.bundle --all

I am guessing this is the latter one you mean but would be better if
you can be a bit more precise.

> Having only aked for one branch, that was all you got, and it looks like
> it wasn't the current HEAD at the time, so HEAD wasn't included in the
> bundle - hence the warning (but not an error ;-) when you cloned from
> the bundle. (but it still left you without anything checkedout)


> So at that point you have a single branch (in your remotes), no head and
> your remote is the bundle you cloned from, which is what the
> is confirming. So just a little confusion that's all.


> At that point you then do you update your remote config (there are
> command that will set the various remote/config values), and then git
> fetch to get the remainder that you were missing. Then finally you need
> to update your HEAD by checking out a specific branch.

Could you elaborate on the above a bit more, esp. the bit about the
command to set the various remote/config values bit.

> Philip


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