On Wed, Sep 25, 2013 at 10:59:20AM -0700, Juan Antonio García Cano wrote:
> I have a machine in production and other developing machine.
> Currently I'm fixing some minor bugs in the production machine and
> working on a new version on the development machine.
> How would be the workflow with git?
> On the production machine to make a change i do: commit + push But
> in development? I don't know how to work with branches and  work
> together on both machines.
> Any clues? Thanks 

If you weren't using git, what would you be using?  SVN?  In that
case, why not work with git just like you would with SVN?  Put a bare
repo where you can reach it both from your production and your
development machine.  Clone from it onto each machine and then
commit+push and pull in git, just like you would commit and update in


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