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How to restrict the commit history or messages that get pushed to a remote 
repository? What I mean:

Suppose a group wants to have a remote public repository (e.g., on github), but 
its developers do not want their commit behavior and messages to be fully 
publicly visible. (Paranoid, I know, but these are real people.) Is there a way 
such a group could show only (for want of a better term) "push events" on the 
public remote? For example:

Suppose developer Fred makes the following commits to his private repo:

ID       date/time          message
-------  -----------------  -------------------------
23rw4kf  23 Sep 2013 09:39  Foo?
98bjttr  24 Sep 2013 12:34  Rollback! Bar.
07657ab  25 Sep 2013 10:11  Arrggghhhh! Baz.
1495fcc  25 Sep 2013 23:45  Self-serving explanation.

Fred wants to push 1495fcc to the public repo, but doesn't want manager Ethel 
(or anyone else) to see commits=[23rw4kf, 98bjttr, 07657ab], much less those 
commit messages. Fred wants one of two options:

1. That only commit ID=1495fcc and its message to be visible on the public 
remote post-push.

2. For the code from commit ID=1495fcc to show on the public remote as a 
separate event, with a separate message.

As a git beginner, the only option that seems feasible to me is a variation on 
option 2. Fred would maintain 2 private repos: one for "normal development," 
and one reserved for use with the public remote. When he wanted to push to 
public, Fred would

2.1. copy code from his "real" dev repo to the second, public-remote-linked repo
2.2. make a separate, aggregate commit (with a separate message) to that second 
2.3. push from the second repo to the public remote

This seems painful, and maybe that's what Fred deserves. But I'm wondering, is 
there a way to accomplish Fred's objective more easily?

TIA, Tom Roche <tom_ro...@pobox.com>

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