> Tom Roche
> How to restrict the commit history or messages that get pushed to a remote 
> repository?


> Gergely Polonkai
> git rebase -i[.] Before pushing, rebase on the last public commit, and 
> edit/squash the unnecessary commits.


> Peter J Weisberg
> Keep in mind that Fred's own private history will [then] also have only the 
> "sanitized" commits.

Thanks for the tips! I had not previously understood why one would want to use 
`git rebase` instead of `git merge`, when the latter seems more 
straightforward. I should have read to the end of the page:
>> treat rebasing as a way to clean up and work with commits before you push 
>> them,
>> and [only] rebase commits that have never been available publicly

Fortunately I have not needed this, but I'll recommend it to more 
commit-challenged colleagues.

thanks again, Tom Roche <>

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