On 25 September 2013 22:23, Michael Weise <michael.we...@ek-team.de> wrote:
> Thanks a lot guys, this was exactly the kind of information I was looking for!

Hi again Michael

I just came across this today, I recommend it:
(click on the pdf download button)

Also, I'm writing again because I'm feeling its necessary to clarify my previous
message ... its aim was to convey my view that git would assist your project,
and that point stands.

However, as part of illustrating that for you in terms that you would relate to
your project, I gave an example of how you might use git to create separate
branches for each customer. But ... the more I think about this as a proposed
architecture, the more I dislike it. It is not zero work to manage all those
branches, and I feel sure there must be simpler ways to solve the problem.

So I still encourage you to use git, but I suggest you could use it to plan
and implement a transition towards a better code structure than the one
I used in that example.

Restating what I wrote before:
> It might be much cleaner to handle some of the
> customer difference logic in the executable C, rather than conditional
> compiles. You could implement a set of meaningful flags, and use
> combinations of those flags to describe the requirements for each customer.

That way, the codebase could be the same for every customer. There could
be one file that defines what feature flags are enabled for each customer.

You could do that with #ifdefs, or preferably in other nicer ways. #ifdefs are
ugly. They are good for keeping code out of the build, to keep it small or
ensure that customers can't reverse engineer access to features they haven't
paid for. If those issues are not important, then in your situation I would work
towards refactoring out the #ifdefs in favour of some other method that is
clearer and easier to maintain.

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