On Fri, 27 Sep 2013 00:53:21 -0700 (PDT)
Mauro Sanna <mrsan...@gmail.com> wrote:

> When I push my commits I see target and its subdirs in the repository.
> But target is gitignored, why is it pushed?

There are several misunderstandings here:

1) Mechanisms for ignoring files in Git have nothing to do with pushing
   and fetching: these operations manipulate existing commits and
   references pointing at them.

   It's index updates (`git add`) and, in certain cases, work tree
   oprtations (`git rm`, `git clean` etc) which consider ignore lists
   (so that, say `git add '*'` won't add auto-built cruft added to
   an ignore list).

2) Mere updating of a branch in a remote repo does not do anything
   to "the subdirs in the repository" because such "subdirs" only
   occur in the work tree of a non-bare repository, and the push
   operation is not concerned about the work tree (short of respecting
   the receive.denyCurrentBranch configuration variable which forbids
   updating of a branch which is currently checked out in a non-bare

   So it might be that if you actually *deleted* already tracked
   unwanted files and recorded a commit which does not contain them
   anymore and then arranged for them to be excluded by the Git file
   ignoring mechanism, and then updated a remote branch with your
   commit, you now need to actually update your work tree to the new
   state of the updated branch -- for instance, by doing

   git reset --hard

   in the work tree (provided the updated branch is what is currently
   checked out, -- otherwise a mere `git checkout <that_branch>` would

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