I just had the bare vs non-bare repo concept smack me in the face.  Painful 
way to learn things, but I won't forget it any time soon.

Since my remote repos are no longer work trees, how can I keep two bare 
repos in sync?  This is primarily for DR purposes.

Here's more detail in case it'll help:

I have two rhel6 systems running git 1.7.1 that will be maintaining OS and 
web configuration files for a variety of teams, once I get the bugs in my 
understanding ironed out.

One git server is in datacenter A (prod) where most of the updates will be 
occurring.  Appropriate people will clone the bare repo, make their updates 
and push it back.

The other git server is at our warm DR site. While rare, updates to this 
server should be possible.

I need to be able to fetch changes from the production git server and apply 
them to the DR one.  When I tried it straight, I got the expected "fatal: 
This operation must be run in a work tree"

I suppose I could hack out a script to pull the configs down to a temp repo 
and push them back up to the DR one (and vice versa), but that seems like a 
kludge.  As flexible and seemingly well thought out as git appears to be, I 
have to believe there's a better approach.

Could someone clue me in on what I'm missing or how a generic DR process is 
typically set up?

Thanks for any hints/tips/suggestions.

Doug O'Leary

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