I am trying to prevent users from attempting certain operations on my 
repository which is located on a Linux server by employing Server-Side 
hooks. The Git manual recommends creating a shell wrapper script to set a 
USER environment variable, which will then be used to restrict certain 
permissions. I looked for the better part of yesterday for a guide on how 
to do this (*as I'm new to both unix and git*), but was unable to find 
anything definitive. So I started piecing things together and trying 
different options. After wasting close to two days now I am sitting at a 
solution I feel should work, but am unable to actually clone a directory 

I have defined the following bash script:
export USER=$1

In the authorized_keys file I call this script with a user parameter whom 
would be logging in. At this point, git would use the update script (which 
is not currently in place) and do whatever it needs to do. However I've 
been attempting a basic clone and I'm stuck at the command line after the 
.git folder has been created, and before any files have been brought down. 
Can you link me to a guide for this or explain what I'm doing wrong? 


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