I'm using Mac OS 10.8.5. In the GitHub Desktop Application I get this error 
message when I try to commit:

*Error initializing submodule "repositoryname"*
> Make sure that the parent repository's .git/config file is writable, then 
> try again.

So to back up, I am very new to Git. I am working with someone that added 
me as a contributor to their repository. So I installed everything (Mac OS 
10.8.5) and tried to fumble my way through getting started. I started using 
the GitHub Desktop Application and it all seemed to be working correctly. I 
just can't sync and commit. I tried to go back and read all the 
documentation and open up Terminal and do the whole "git init" for this 
repository. I succeeded to reinitialize it, which made me feel good despite 
my lack of command line prowess.

I've read the documentation, watched the videos, watched third party videos 
on YouTube and Googled my error message. But I haven't found a thing that 

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