On Friday, October 11, 2013 5:04:59 PM UTC+2, Jordan Flower wrote:

> I'm using Mac OS 10.8.5. In the GitHub Desktop Application I get this 
> error message when I try to commit:
> *Error initializing submodule "repositoryname"*
>> Make sure that the parent repository's .git/config file is writable, then 
>> try again.
> So to back up, I am very new to Git. I am working with someone that added 
> me as a contributor to their repository. So I installed everything (Mac OS 
> 10.8.5) and tried to fumble my way through getting started. I started using 
> the GitHub Desktop Application and it all seemed to be working correctly. I 
> just can't sync and commit. I tried to go back and read all the 
> documentation and open up Terminal and do the whole "git init" for this 
> repository. I succeeded to reinitialize it, which made me feel good despite 
> my lack of command line prowess.
> I've read the documentation, watched the videos, watched third party 
> videos on YouTube and Googled my error message. But I haven't found a thing 
> that helps. 

I imagine that you are contributing to a project that includes submodules, 
which although are working well in normal Git, can be somewhat exotic for 
3rd party toolling, like Github for Mac.

If you have a look at their release notes: 
http://mac.github.com/release-notes.html - you'll see that they have had  a 
number of submodule problems in the past. Perhaps you have discovered a new 
problem there. In any case, please report this with the GitHub for Mac 
team. See their help page here: http://mac.github.com/help.html

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