Hi there

Being quite new to the more advanced use of Git I really need some help 
here. I have been using the simple Git pull/fetch/commit/push/merge 
commands, which are pretty simple, for about 9 months so I 'm familiar with 
the concepts and basic commands of version control/Git.

First some (probably) needed context:
I work at a company where we receive releases of our product(s) from our 
HQ. Releases are rare though (maybe once a year) so most often we pull a 
copy from their development server (they use Visual Source Safe for version 
control, but I/we will be trying to convince them to change that). What we 
do for a living is customizing this HQ release to fit the needs of our 
customers. For this we have a repository for each customer. With around 
10-15 active customers (customers that regularly place new orders for 
customizations) this has become a maintenance nightmare (keeping codebases 
up to date for all customers using beyond compare, even though it's a nice 
tool). All of this is old school ASP Classic and the codebases across 
customers (and HQ releases) should be at least 80% identical. Because of 
this we have looked into using a single repository for all of the code and 
then simply have each customer as a seperate branch (or multiple branches 
when developing new features for them). This will enable us to use pull 
requests and merges to update all customers easily and also make it easier 
to keep track of bugfixes that should be merged into the standard codebase 
from HQ. Because we have been using Git for quite some time we have a lot 
of development history for each customer that we would like to keep after 

My question is then: Is there any way to merge multiple repositories into a 
single repository but in their own branch. I have found a few guidelines 
using multiple remotes and simple merge but this merges the history into 
the master branch every time I try. Also some guidelines talk about merging 
repositories into seperate directories, but that is not really what we want.

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