I have a large application that takes about two hours to build.  Sometime I 
have to do partial-project commits in order to communicate development from 
one area to another (I can explain further but it is irrelevant to the 
question).  I'd prefer (if I was using git rather than svn) to create a 
branch to commit the partial work, debug, and finally merge to the master 
when it is all done.  This way each commit on master would be stable 
(contain no partial commits).  My problem is this.  Given the size of the 
project, I can't checkout different versions without causing a two hour 
build.  I am sure this must be a common problem.

Stated another way - when you have a very large project, branching becomes 
a significant problem because of build times.  Are there common solutions 
to this sort of problem?


Blake McBride

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