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Blake McBride <blake1...@gmail.com> wrote:

> > > These days all that matters are web apps. 
> > This is a very limited world view. 
> Writing web apps is my least favorite programming to do (although,
> all programming is fun for me).  As a consequence of a long history,
> it is where I am.  I am happy you have a broader view.

I intended to highlight that the world is not only about web apps.
As a hallmark example, most of those gazillions of apps for popular
smartphone platforms are not "web" (FirefoxOS uses "bundled" web apps
but it's not even close to 0.001% of market coverage yet).
I do programming for living, but I don't do web apps, either, and I
don't think what I do does not matter.  It's as simple as this.

> > But anyway the most visible area Go has traction in is web apps
> > (see [3] for instance) because some people prefer to write their
> > web apps using a language which is pleasure to work with. 
> Now that sure sounds different from all the things said about Java....

I heard that if one takes the good part of Java ecosystem -- its JVM --
and targets it from a more fancy language like Scala or Closure,
it starts to be way more fun.  Did not try those tools myself though.

> > > Anything else can be written in C/C++. 
> > Sorry for being a bit harsh but people writing "C/C++" don't know 
> > *both* of these languages well enough but rather only one of them,
> > and usually the one with "++" in its name, as those languages
> > really are no less different than, say, C and Scheme; so it's plain
> > ignorance. 
> Having 30 years experience with C, I understand...

That's slightly more than twice as mine, I admit!

> However, C and C++ share a lot in terms of build processes and
> dependencies.
> > > In terms of parallel programming, there are some really good
> > > tools for C/C++ such as silk. 
> >
> > Sure, a typical case of "The Blub paradox" [2]. 
> >
> I know what the Blub Paradox is, but I am not sure how you are
> applying it to my statement unless you mean to say silk is junk.
> Did you ever notice that when you are driving down the highway, all
> of the people going slower than you are morons, and all of the people
> going faster than you are lunatics?  [Gallagher?]

I perceived what you wrote as a typical fanboyism.  And unfortunately,
upon re-reading I fail to perceive that as something else as it's too
close to this scheme: "Oh, that new language X?  Nonsense, it's all
could be done with Y (using framework Z, at least)".

So let me say I'm sorry to question your experience in C but I must
admit I'm staying on my position: disregarding anything which is not C
or C++ or web apps is a rather limited view, IMO.

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