> Pushing is sending commits over into another repository; this act has 
> nothing to do with adding files to be under Git's control or for 
> changes made to them to appear in the next commit. 
> The next problem is that under no circumstance Git itself reports a 
> message "An internal Exception occured" because its source code simply 
> does not contain anything like this.  Judging from the looks of this 
> error message, my mad telepathic skillz suggest me this is an error 
> reported by some Git front-end program (or an IDE) running on Windows. 
I am using Eclipse for PHP IDE in Debian/Wheezy.

> Since in a freshly initialized Git repository there indeed exists no 
> branch named "master" ("refs/heads/master" is the full name of a branch 
> named "master", and "ref", in Git's lingo, designates a symbolic 
> reference to a commit or to another reference, so tags and branches are 
> all refs), what you're seeing, supposedly, is a result of an attempt to 
> push somewhere the history of an *unborn* branch master.  Most probably 
> you just did not record any commit in your repository belonging to the 
> branch "master" (or, more likely, I reckon, no commit at all). 

I did a commit to the local repository before pushing to the central 
repository. But this error keep coming.

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