On Thu, 24 Oct 2013 03:51:17 -0700 (PDT)
aniyan.raj...@gmail.com wrote:

> > Since in a freshly initialized Git repository there indeed exists
> > no branch named "master" ("refs/heads/master" is the full name of a
> > branch named "master", and "ref", in Git's lingo, designates a
> > symbolic reference to a commit or to another reference, so tags and
> > branches are all refs), what you're seeing, supposedly, is a result
> > of an attempt to push somewhere the history of an *unborn* branch
> > master.  Most probably you just did not record any commit in your
> > repository belonging to the branch "master" (or, more likely, I
> > reckon, no commit at all). 
> I did a commit to the local repository before pushing to the central 
> repository. But this error keep coming.

What branch is currently checked out then?
It's better if you'd just
# apt-get install git
first then fire up a terminal emulator with a shell, `cd` to your
project directory and run
$ git branch -a
there.  You can then copy and paste the result here.

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