> From: Jamie Devine <jamie.devine...@gmail.com>

> I've seen another workflow mentioned that involves pushing the code to 
> GitHub and then just pulling it down on another PC. This in itself causes 
> problems for me. Nearly all of my projects are based in as CMS, this means 
> 90% of the code is never touched because it's part of the CMS core. To 
> avoid syncing the whole CMS to GitHub I have been git-ignoring everything 
> except the custom themes and modules that i've been developing. This of 
> course means I can't just push and pull my repo as it would be missing all 
> of the CMS core files and assets etc.
> Should I just push EVERYTHING to GitHub (including assets like images or 
> PDFs and a database dump) so i can pull it all down on another PC? This 
> seems a bit silly to me when most of it never changes.

If I understand you correctly, your working tree contains a vast
number of files that you aren't changing at all.  In addition, you
want to be able to create a new working tree on a PC fairly simply.

The standard Git method would be to have separate, local working
trees/repositories on each PC, and a central bare repository (which
could be kept on Dropbox or Github).

You could gitignore all the "standard" parts of your working tree, but
as you point out, that means that you can't just clone the central
repository to generate a new working tree, you have to integrate all
the "standard" stuff into the new working tree by hand.

It seems to me that the easiest approach is to have all the "standard"
parts contained in the repository as well.  Once all the files are in
the repositories, they cause very little overhead because they never
have to be inserted again.  And a clone of the repository will give
you a complete working tree.


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