I've been wanting to start using git on all my projects but i'm struggling 
to find a workflow that works for me.

Currently I use a Dropbox folder as a working directory for all of my 
projects. I work across multiple PC's so this enables me to work seamlessly 
wherever I am. I've tried using git with some of these projects but it 
causes an issue where git sees files as 'modified' when they are synced to 
a new PC, even if the files haven't been modified.

I've seen another workflow mentioned that involves pushing the code to 
GitHub and then just pulling it down on another PC. This in itself causes 
problems for me. Nearly all of my projects are based in as CMS, this means 
90% of the code is never touched because it's part of the CMS core. To 
avoid syncing the whole CMS to GitHub I have been git-ignoring everything 
except the custom themes and modules that i've been developing. This of 
course means I can't just push and pull my repo as it would be missing all 
of the CMS core files and assets etc.

Should I just push EVERYTHING to GitHub (including assets like images or 
PDFs and a database dump) so i can pull it all down on another PC? This 
seems a bit silly to me when most of it never changes.

I'm just trying to figure the whole thing out at the moment. I'd be 
interested to hear how other people who work from multiple locations use 
git and the best practices when it comes to working with CMS's or 
frameworks that contain a lot of files that aren't specific to the project.


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