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> Thanks for your reply. So you say we should use a windows network
> drive or network share on a (server)computer with a normal standard
> git configuration for now?

Yes.  Just make sure you have transparently working authentication on
that share for everyone involved -- this means, that when each of your
devs fires up Windows Explorer on their box and navigates that
\\server\share UNC path, the remote system must authenticate them
automatically using that dev's user name and password, so that Windows
Explorer does not show any errors and does not pop an authentication
dialog.  This is needed because Git has no way to present the user
with the same dialog and attempts to access the repository will just

> Why would you not use gitblit?

Because you yourself told us it crashed on you.
Also, with the setup this simple (one repository, four users) using a
"high-profile" server side solution might be a bit too much for a start.

> Is there any (easy) way to make sure that only one person may merge
> to the master/head branch?

I would suggest you to not get obsessed with things like this for now.
This kind of problem largely exists only in centralized systems where
making "wrong" history requries involved fixing on the server side
using specialized tools.  Contrary to this, with Git, if someone
botches a branch in your central "rendez-vouz" repo, you would just
cook a correct one in your own local reposisotry and then force-push it
to the central one, essentially replacing the botched one.

In any case you might create a so-called post-receive hook in the
centralized repository which would check if a forbidden ref is
attempted to be updated and fail if the user who attempted this is not
the one allowed to do that.  Start with `git help hooks`.

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