Hello everybody,

We are a small team of developers (~4 guys, one or two of them really 
active, the others part-time involved) and want to move our project 
(language: C) to a version control system. We do not want to put our code 
out there into the internet, so we thought about setting up a local server 
or something. 
We have nearly no experience on version control, but I thought about some 
things a version control should (hopefully) offer:
- Access mostly over Eclipse (EGit?)
- Microsoft Windows environment (my colleagues are sadly not very 
- local server, running on windows (perhaps gitblit?) - or do we even need 
a server? or could we exchange/merge/fork/etc our repositories "directly"?
- some kind of control/review mechanism, because some developers are 
inexperienced (perhaps Gerrit?)

We already tried the gitblitGO server, which seemed to be very promising. 
But is it really stable? I think it already crashed once or twice.. And we 
thought we might need Gerrit as well, and it proved difficult to integrate 
into gitblit (or maybe we haven't found the right tutorial yet). Or do we 
even need a git-server when we have the gerrit-daemon running? This daemon 
does open some kind of webserver and everything...

As you see, we have lots of questions. I thought, perhaps some experienced 
people here could give us some recommendations/hints, because we are 
somehow lost in this jungle ;)

Thank you very much in advance!

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