We currently have the following problem:

github: repo where development occurs by company B, only company B has the 
rights to push to this repository, only they are allowed to do releases 
(maven release)
local stash instance: clone of github repository where everyone from our 
company pushes into, we need to do releases very often

The problem now is that there happened many commits in the stash repository 
where the commit message should be kept internal. There are also many maven 
releases which would increase the maven version very much when pushed to 

We now need a way to merge our changes to upstream (github) and pull their 
changes to our clone.

Any ideas?

Bernhard Friedreich

My ideas for pushing:
* git checkout -b github-merge
* git rebase -i $commit_where_repositories_diverged^
--> remove all commits which shouldn't be upstreamed, edit commit messages 
as fits
* push to github fork -> send pull request

Problem is that in old revisions there were mixed line endings... and 
therefore rebase fails..

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