I have an issue with my workflow that I'm trying to resolve. I am a 
developer as well as the project maintainer. We are using the "forking" 
workflow so everyone has their own repo then I pull all their changes to my 
copy to deal with the merge, then push these changes into the master. The 
issue I am finding is that because I develop as well as maintain the 
project (i.e. merge in other people's changes), I need two forks: my 
working copy and then a copy that I can merge other's changes into and push 
back to the master. Is this the right way to handle this situation? The 
main issue I run into with this is I can't have two repos with the same 
name so I end up with something like *ProjectAbc - working* and *ProjectAbc. 
*The latter is what I use to merge everyone's changes before pushing to the 
server (including my changes from my working copy). Am I handling this 
correctly? Is there a more elegant way to manage this?

Also, I'm new to DVCS so excuse me if I have gotten any terminology 

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