Now that I'm actually digesting this and trying it out, I'm a bit 
confused.  I am using source tree, but I will try and speak in more generic 

I forked the main repo through bitbucket ( which has master and develop 
branches). This gives me https://<myname><myname>/<project 
name>.git as the remote repository for my fork. So, I now have *my *fork 
which has master and develop branches. I then set this fork up as my remote 
repository (https://<myname><myname>/<project name>.git). It 
seems to me it is off this development branch I want to create features. I 
then push those features back to my repository and create a pull request 
off that particular feature to the project repo. This will create a new 
branch in the project repo which can then be merged into the project repo's 
develop branch and then merged into everyone elses local repos. 

Is this correct? 

This brings up another question: when a fork is done on bitbucket, are the 
develop and master branches in the user's fork ever merged with features? 
For instance, do I ever add my feature to my develop branch? Or should my 
develop branch only be updated from the project repos dev branch? Does this 
question make sense? Basically, am I ever merging my features into my 
develop and master branches directly?

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