Hello folks!

I have a problem with case changes made automatically by the VB6 IDE: It 
changes all the names of my variables (intellisense), sometimes from lower 
to upper-case, sometimes from upper to lower. My team uses the Stash and 
the SmartGIT tools, so before we Commit/PUSH the changes, we need always to 
remember to correct these changes made on the case, keeping only the "real" 
change made.

The SmartGit has an option to ignore case changes, so it is easy to see 
exactly the point modified by the programmer. But the Stash does not, so 
when we compare the changes made, all the code is highlighted ("diffs"), it 
is why we need to correct the changes before commit/push.

We have a particularity that makes necessary to us to use the Stash... and 
this (annoying) bug on the VB6 IDE is taking too much time from my team.

Anyone knows if exists a parameter to set on the GIT to ignore these case 
changes, and how can I do it?

Thanks in advance!

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