My team is starting to use the --skip-worktree flag on files to allow them 
to keep modified files in their working directories.  Ideally, they'd like 
an option for "git-stash" to apply to skip-worktree files, just as it can 
(optionally) be applied to untracked files, so that skip-worktree files 
could be included when saving and restored (ideally, with the skip-worktree 
bit set) on a git-stash pop.

(1)  I don't see an option for "git-stash" to support skip-worktree it there and I'm just not seeing it?
(2)  Does anyone know if there's a reason why this is not 
possible/unreasonable to support/philosophically discouraged?
(3)  If it is reasonable, where would the right place be to suggest/request 
this feature?

I'm happy to look at making such changes to, but before I do 
so, I'd love to know that such work would be aligned with their designs for 
git-stash.  (For example, if the git team would only want such an option if 
it also included the ability to stash assume-unchanged files, too, that 
would be useful to know before I start making changes.)


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