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Mickey Killianey <mickey.killia...@gmail.com> wrote:

> My team is starting to use the --skip-worktree flag on files to allow
> them to keep modified files in their working directories.  Ideally,
> they'd like an option for "git-stash" to apply to skip-worktree
> files, just as it can (optionally) be applied to untracked files, so
> that skip-worktree files could be included when saving and restored
> (ideally, with the skip-worktree bit set) on a git-stash pop.
> (1)  I don't see an option for "git-stash" to support skip-worktree 
> files...is it there and I'm just not seeing it?
> (2)  Does anyone know if there's a reason why this is not 
> possible/unreasonable to support/philosophically discouraged?
> (3)  If it is reasonable, where would the right place be to
> suggest/request this feature?
> I'm happy to look at making such changes to git-stash.sh, but before
> I do so, I'd love to know that such work would be aligned with their
> designs for git-stash.  (For example, if the git team would only want
> such an option if it also included the ability to stash
> assume-unchanged files, too, that would be useful to know before I
> start making changes.)

I'm afraid you'll have to reach for the main Git list [1] which is
frequented by the Git devs.

But while the contents of your question does indicate you possess
a reasonably advanced technical level, I'm oblidged to ask: did you
consider using "template files" to achieve your goal?  I mean, the
necessity to have locally-modified files most frequently relates to
configuration files and stuff like this, and a sensible approach to
deal with this case is to keep templates of such files in the
repository (with special filenames, like the ".template" extension
added to each) and force the devs to *copy* them and tweak
appropriately for their systems.  Would it work for your case?

1. https://gist.github.com/tfnico/4441562

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