On Friday, February 21, 2014 8:13:41 AM UTC+1, Alec Taylor wrote:
> Dear git users list,
> Do you know of any open-source task, feature and issue trackers which are 
> built with Python?
> Preferably with:
>    - git integration
>       - "commits <> and <> solve issue/task <>"; "issue is assigned to 
>       repo <>"
>    - prioritisation of tasks, features and issues
>    - ability to show dependencies between tasks, features and issues
>    - milestones; ability to link milestones with git tags; and milestone 
>    dependencies
>    - Kanban boards
>    - Scrum
>       - support for multiple sprints, burndown charts and backlogs
> If you don't know of any ones written in Python which cover this list; 
> then do you know of ones written in any language with this support?
> Finally if there are no open-source projects fully covering this 
> feature-set; can you recommend a proprietary offering?
I think you're better off first finding the right issue tracker, and then 
go looking for how it can be integrated with Git. As long as the issue 
tracker offers some API that you can reach from a Git hook, integration is 
pretty straight forward. All modern issue trackers I've seen come bundled 
with ready Git hooks that can be dropped into your Git repositories.

It does sound like you're looking for some pretty advanced features, so you 
may want to have a look at the commercial offering from Atlassian 
as that's the only one I know off the top of my head that has all these 
Scrum/Kanban things built in. There are probably others too. In the 
open-source world, there's a really popular one called 
Trac<http://trac.edgewall.org/>which happens to be written in Python! It's 
simpler than Jira, but I'd 
definitely have a look at it. A lot of times you want to keep your issue 
tracking simple, and rather do all those Kanban things on a whiteboard, or 
digitally on a Trello board <https://trello.com/>.

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