Hi Daniel,

Thank you for sharing your experience. I've been getting tripped up over my 
workflow between my desktop computer and my laptop. Using a test project 
I've made new branches on one while changing another branch on the other 
and trying to figure what the outcome might be. Not so good is what it is. 
Anyway, your workflow descriptions have provided some clarification for the 
choices. Thank you!

I'm just going to have to make sure the repos are synced via push/pull. But 
here's a question about something I don't understand. Typically I work all 
day on my desktop, make commits, and push them to the online repo at the 
end of the day. The next morning I grab my laptop and want to pick up my 
work from the night before. How do I get the lastest work? Do I clone the 
repo or do a checkout?

Duane Mitchell

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