On Friday, February 28, 2014 8:42:07 AM UTC+1, praveenm mulimani wrote:
> Dear All,
> We have created git repository A.git installed gerrit 2.8.1. based on the 
>  chipset_vendor i pushed the source to A.git repository *Master_Branch.* 

So you have a Git repository called A. There's a branch in it called 
chipset_vendor, and the regular master branch of course.

> Developer pushed changes to A.git *Master_Branch* Now chipset_venodor has 
> given the latest source we have to merge with our Master_Branch , we 
> created the new branch & pushed the latest chipset source code to new 
> branch (*Chipset_Master*) &  created the tag -- Chipset_Tag.
You have a central repository somewhere, and a developer pushed his latest 
developments in master to this central repository. These changes, you want 
to incorporate them back into the chipset_vendor branch. Is that correct?

So instead of merging master directly onto chipset_vendor, you went ahead 
to create a chipset_master branch based on chipset_vendor, and then merged 
master to this newly created branch. You tagged the resulting merge-commit 
as Chipset_Tag.

> We have downloaded the Master_Branch did the merge with Chipset_Tag & 
> observed that git is not performing auto merge , we compared the files not 
> line conflict , white space also but unable to auto_merge
So now you suddenly merged the chipset_tag (which is the merge result of 
master and chipset_vendor) back to master. You are saying that there is no 
merging going on, but if I understand you correctly, there is nothing more 
to "resolve" here, so the result is fast forward merge.

Maybe you can make an example repository/history and take some screenshots 
of the visual history (in gitk or gitgui) that explain the problem?

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