It's a bit hard to understand your problem here, as your terminology 
doesn't fit so well with how Git works. Anyhow, I'll try interpreting what 
you're writing into what I think you mean:

On Friday, February 28, 2014 10:39:19 AM UTC+1, praveenm mulimani wrote:
> 1 .Jan_2014 -  initial source  we created the  Master_Branch.
You initialized a Git repository. It contains a branch called "master". 
This is default behavior when you initialize a new Git repository.


> 2. Feb_25 we got new source & created the new empty branch Chipset_Master 
> & pushed
>  the latest chipset source code &  created the tag -- Chipset_Tag.

Pushing is irrelevant in this regard. Try to see the problem as it exists 
in one repository. Mixing in remote repositories with pushing and pulling 
only obfuscates what the real problem is here.

You say you created an empty branch, "chipset_master". That doesn't really 
make sense. Either you created the branch "chipset_master" in the 
repository you created back in January, or you've now created a new 
repository called "chipset", which again as a default branch called 
"master", for the same reason as I explained previously. Please clarify 
what you mean here.

> 3. When we   merged  Chipset_Tag in Master_Branch -- after merge so many
>  conflicts , we compared the files its not line conflict , white space 
> also but unable to auto_merge the files.
So, I'll simplify and say that yo merged two branches, "master" and 
"chipset" together, and got a lot of conflicts, which could not be 
automatically resolved. This is normal. You have to resolve these conflicts 

My question is auto merge should resolve the conflicts if its not line 
> conflict, white space problem.
You'll get conflicts when the same file has been changed in two branches 
that are being merged. Git will try to help you along by automatically 
resolving changes that don't collide line-wise. I believe this automatic 
merge does not handle, or understand white-space changes. They're just 
changes as any others, and conflicts will have to be resolved manually.

What might help is to use a 
mergetool: - many of these can 
automatically handle whitespace conflicts to speed up your conflict 

We have not yet pushed the merged source to Master_Branch.
As I said above, this is irrelevant for understanding and helping you with 
your problem. 

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