In simple terms I understand that using one git repo per project is the 
most sane choice. 

But when I have Maven Projects that have one or more hierarchies of 
modules, I am not sure the best choice of managing a git repo. I have 
looked at the module support in git, and frankly is scares me, and I worry 
I might go insane if I attempt to use it. Too many opportunities to screw 

For example, let's say I have a Maven project like

My Project POM
    Module 1 POM
    Module 2 POM
    Module 3 POM
        Module A POM
        Module B POM
        Module C POM

One choice is to put all of "My Project" in a single repo, but if the 
project gets really big, or I want to release some modules on their on 
version schedule, things could get hairy.

The other choice is to put some modules in their own git repo, but then 
what happens with the parent POM? I guess one solution is to refer to the 
Parent POM via Maven coordinates, than directly via the file system.

Silly question, does anyone else get in confusing discussions with people 
when talking about git repos and maven repos, and people just say "repo?"

Cheers, Eric

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