On Monday, March 3, 2014 8:57:44 PM UTC+1, Eric Kolotyluk wrote:
> In simple terms I understand that using one git repo per project is the 
> most sane choice. 
> But when I have Maven Projects that have one or more hierarchies of 
> modules, I am not sure the best choice of managing a git repo. I have 
> looked at the module support in git, and frankly is scares me, and I worry 
> I might go insane if I attempt to use it. Too many opportunities to screw 
> up...
> For example, let's say I have a Maven project like
> My Project POM
>     Module 1 POM
>     Module 2 POM
>     Module 3 POM
>         Module A POM
>         Module B POM
>         Module C POM
> One choice is to put all of "My Project" in a single repo, but if the 
> project gets really big, or I want to release some modules on their on 
> version schedule, things could get hairy.

Here's the clue. All modules that share release schedule/versioning CAN be 
in the same repository. All modules that have distinct schedules SHOULD be 
in separate repositories.

> The other choice is to put some modules in their own git repo, but then 
> what happens with the parent POM? I guess one solution is to refer to the 
> Parent POM via Maven coordinates, than directly via the file system.

The "module parent" (meaning the top-most pom in the repo) should be part 
of the repo, naturally. If it again has a parent, it is usually the 
company-parent pom by absolute version (non-snapshot), which has its own 
repository, with nothing much in it except the pom itself and maybe some 
site stuff. I would try very hard to avoid referring to a (snapshot) parent 
outside the repository on the file-system.

That being said, I have gone down that road before: We have a project that 
combines many Git repositories in one project - they all have the same 
release-cycle and are tightly coupled to eachother, but are split up for 
build practicalities and architectural tidyness (one is for the Windows 
client build, another is for server-side, etc). We used 
gitslave<http://gitslave.sourceforge.net/>to keep these repos bundled. 
Alternatives for this are 
myrepos <http://myrepos.branchable.com/>, git 
git-repo <https://code.google.com/p/git-repo/>. You can also stitch repos 
together on demand using git 

> Silly question, does anyone else get in confusing discussions with people 
> when talking about git repos and maven repos, and people just say "repo?"

It'll pass once people are used to both :) 

Also: Remember that a parent-pom is not always the same as a "reactor pom" 
(the ones with <modules> in it). Sometimes you can have "build-helper poms" 
that are not parents, they're just a utility to easier work with a bunch of 
Maven projects, but be careful with this trick as it kind of violates what 
people expect to find in a Maven project.

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