> From: tombert <tombert.gro...@live.at>
> I am doing a clone from https://github.com/tcltk/tcl and trying to create a 
> changelog file from the git history.
> When doing:
> ># git log a45650c^..0fb4a39 --pretty="format:%h" --reverse > test.txt
> I get 10140 lines of commits.
> [...]

I'm not an expert, but IIRC, a45650c^ means "the (first) parent of
a45650c", and "a45650c^..0fb4a39" means "all the commits which have
a45650c^ as an ancestor and have 0fb4a39 as a descendent" (both tests
being "inclusive").  There's no guarantee that the repository contains
a single, linear string of commits.  And IIRC, git-log is only
required to provide *a linearization* of the set of commits that are
selected, that is, there isn't a unique linear order that is
compatible with the "partial order" of commit ancestry.

But I might be wrong about this.  In any case, I suggest that getting
Git to show you the actual ancestry relationships would probably prove


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