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>> I often do something similar. I think the easiest is to export GIT_DIR
>> to the repository you want to update, and then change directory where
>> you have the content you want to compare.
>> You can do 'git diff' and 'git add' and 'git commit' and GIT_DIR repo
>> will be updated.
> As I've only started using git yesterday (migrated everything from SVN to
> GIT and made some inroads), do you have an example, or could point to a
> tutorial?

So, for example I have Git repository called 'dotfiles' where I track
the configurations in my $HOME. Many people have those

I have it in ~/dotfiles, but the real location of the Git directory is

So I go to my home directory and do this:

% export GIT_DIR=~/dotfiles/.git

Now I can do `git diff` and see that for example my .alias file has
modifications I don't have in my git repository, so I can do `git add
.alias` and `git commit`.

[1] https://github.com/search?q=dotfiles

Felipe Contreras

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