I had one commit on my machine, but not on the remote repo yet. 
I wanted to pull and rebase before pushing:

> tabdulradi@radian-XPS:~/workspace/myproject$ git pull --rebase
> remote: Counting objects: 66, done.
> remote: Compressing objects: 100% (60/60), done.
> remote: Total 66 (delta 4), reused 25 (delta 0)
> Unpacking objects: 100% (66/66), done.
> From github.com:CompanyAccount/myproject
>  + 87f93aa...629fe47 master     -> origin/master  (forced update)
> First, rewinding head to replay your work on top of it...

This is all what I got! Nothing like "Applying: ..."!
I checked `git log`, didn't find my commit! 
So I thought may be I should merge a conflict or something

> tabdulradi@radian-XPS:~/workspace/myproject$ git mergetool -y
> No files need merging

Whops? I was expecting here either a merge, or my commit to be on top of 
the log.
So, I checked the reflog

> tabdulradi@radian-XPS:~/workspace/myproject$ git reflog  
> 629fe47 HEAD@{0}: rebase finished: returning to refs/heads/master
> 629fe47 HEAD@{1}: checkout: moving from master to 
> 629fe47ab72ada1f02238c869fa016dceee215bf^0
> 87f93aa HEAD@{2}: commit (amend): My Lost Commit
> 060ef00 HEAD@{3}: commit: My Lost Commit

I rescued the code by doing a cherry-pick on my commit (87f93aa), and *I 
got a merge conflict*

But I wanted to know what wrong I did here, Why git skipped my commit 


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