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> But I wanted to know what wrong I did here, Why git skipped my commit
> silently.

I got hit by something like this today. If the issue is the same I
got, doing `git merge-base --fork-point origin/master 87f93aa ` should
return 87f93aa .

If so, most likely doing a `git reflog origin/master` would show
87f93aa in the list. Judging from the fetch message, 87f93aa was
indeed on the server side.

So this is what I think happened:

 1) You pushed your lost commit to the server
 2) Somebody pushed a different head and overrode your commit
 3) You try to rebase on top of the new head
 4) Git is trying to be too smart and thinks you want to rebase from a
previous point of origin/master

This fork-point feature was introduced recently.

I've been thinking about this and I think it's the wrong thing to do.
I'll disable this "feature" by default in my fork (git-fc).


Felipe Contreras

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