I'm trying to use git to connect to a https server that requires PKI 
certificates for authentication. I'm running git on RHEL 6.x, so it is 
using the NSS libraries (I believe). 

I've used the pk12util tool to import my certificates:

pk12util -i myCertificate.p12 -d sql:/home/myusername/.ssl -n nickname

This successfully creates a key4.db and cert9.db file in my ~/.ssl 
directory. I'm not sure which config settings to use with git (e.g. 

When I attempt to clone the git repo on the https server, I get

* Initializing NSS with certpath: sql:/etc/pki/nssdb
* NSS error -8018

I then set the environment variable SSL_DIR to ~/.ssl which does change the 
certpath but I get the same error.

This post on stackoverflow 
 in the same vein but didn't talk about using NSS.

Any help would be appeciated.


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