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> On Thursday, May 15, 2014 11:48:17 PM UTC+2, Magnus Therning wrote: 
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> >
> > I'd be very interested in hearing your use case for having that info 
> > in the file.  I'd love to be convinced that all those other VCSs 
> > haven't wasted effort on implementing a rather useless feature :) 
> This is not my problem, but I'll bite :)

Good :)

> We have a live environment where we very often have to "hot deploy"
> single files between releases. These small hot-deployments go mostly
> unmanaged, so it's good to have these keywords in the files so we
> can quickly recognize hot-fixes (has this file been patched on this
> server yet?) .
> (based on a true story from SVN times)

Well, I'm not too surprised... I mean I know of "hot deployments" that
consist of someone opening up an editor and manually fixing the issue
based on a developer's instructions over the phone... your example is
a step up from that at least.

I must say though that your example might constitute another argument
*against* having keywords, that sort of deployment process quickly
leads to a mess ;)


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