On Friday, May 16, 2014 10:45:10 AM UTC+2, Thomas Ferris Nicolaisen wrote:
> On Friday, May 16, 2014 8:22:30 AM UTC+2, Andy wrote:
>> For a 'release' we'd send the customer a complete set of files, but 
>> often a fix only requires one or two files to be modified which we ask 
>> the customer to install. When a dealing with a later fault, we'd like to 
>> have a method of knowing which files the customer did actually install! 
> Why don't you just write a small script that fills in such a header on 
> demand? If the header is missing, you can assume that the file is from the 
> last proper release.

i was thinking about support phase. if you sell some web components, during 
support phase your customers could forget what version of your component 
they have installed.
checking some files header could help to know which version of component 
they have installed.

moreover some components could use different plugins that have their own 
version (not necessary the same as the component). but everything is bundle 
together (component, plugins,...) in a zip file.
i was thinking about this typical example in fact.

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