We have some source files that are shared among windows/linux/macos.  One 
of the IDE's (Keil ARM) doesn't have a setting to use LF as a eol.  It 
preserves the original eol when the file is mixed eol but any line that you 
change ends up CRLF.  We found the best solution for our workflow was to 
disable normalization and use a formatter to manually normalize the eol to 

To date we have been using 'astyle' to set all eol to crlf.  It's run prior 
to commits to set the eol and do some other formatting cleanup.

Recently I've learned about the .gitattributes file.  Even though we still 
would use astyle for formatting I thought I would play with setting the 
eol=crlf for those files.

If I set eol=crlf  for the *.[ch] in the source directory git diff sees 
them as changed but I don't understand why.  The eol is already crlf.  If 
turn off the .gitattributes then the diffs go back to clean.  

Any idea what git diff is thinking is different or some suggestions on how 
to find out?   Its not obvious from the diff output.  If I use difftool 
kdiff3 reports the files are binary equal. 

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