> This is the same sort of issue we had with autocrlf.  The docs seem to 
> suggest that .gitattributes setup would let you have files stored int the 
> repository as crlf but perhaps I just misunderstand.  Am I doing something 
> wrong or is git going to always put lf in the repository when line 
> normalization is active?
Indeed, I just misunderstood.  Re-reading the man page that is exactly what 
is supposed to happen. 
Set to string value "crlf"
This setting forces git to normalize line endings for this file on checkin 
and convert them to CRLF when the file is checked out.

This would have been a good option for a new project where crlf could have 
been forced on linux/macOS which is where the original issues came from but 
since we already have all our files in crlf format I think I'll just leave 
it alone and file this away for "next time."

Thanks for the help.

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