I need to write a hook that will allow merge commits ONLY if the merge
is coming from a specific branch.

I know about "git branch --contains" but that checks ALL the branches to
see if the commit is on any them, and with the number of branches we
have that takes a non-trivial amount of time.  Since this is in a push
hook I really need it to be as fast as possible, and it seems to me that
if I could ask for just a specific branch, "is this commit on this
specific branch" rather than "what are all the branches this commit is
on", it would be faster.

But I can't quite find a good way to do that.  I mean, I can list the
entire history of the branch then search it by hand, but that seems
inefficient as well.

Is there some plumbing command or similar that will check if a specific
commit exists a specific branch, fast?


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