> From: dexter ietf <dexter.i...@gmail.com>

> git log lists all the commits, how about if just want to see most recent 
> commit
> or most recent 2 commits on a file and per line basis.
> can we achieve the same with 'git diff', because this will help me view the 
> diff
> from vimdiff. with git log i can't achieve that. 


$ git log -1 -p filename

"-n" limits git-log to the last n commits.

git-blame is useful for annotating a file regarding which commit last
affected each line.

If you want to diff the versions of a file between the previous commit
and the current commit, you want

$ git diff HEAD^ HEAD -- filename

If you're interesting in diff'ing, you should read *all* of the
git-diff manual page.  What you want is probably in there somewhere.


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