On Tue, Jun 03, 2014 at 04:24:43AM -0700, Pierre-François CLEMENT wrote:
> > I want to extend git commands set on per-repository basis and therefore I 
> > need to have VERSIONED sort of .config file
> >
> You can use the repository's .git/config file to set repo-specific
> configuration, but why would you want it to be versioned in the
> project itself? It'd force anybody who can clone the repo to have
> the same config file.
> I guess that the closer you could get to this would be to version a,
> say, git.config file in the project root and then replace the repo's
> .git/config file with a symlink to it. But keep in mind that it'll
> still require whoever can clone the repo to decide to do so, you
> won't be able to force them -- and doing so will prevent them from
> having their own per-repository config file.

Something I'd be more comfortable with is making `git-config` a shell
script containing calls to `git config --local`.  Yes, it's then a
two-step procedure, and people might forget to perform the second
step, but *I* am in control and a `git pull` will not silently cause
any config changes.


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