> Beware, though.  I don't have my Git reference to hand, but I've noted
> that if the file is in the index, it is "tracked" [...]

Really? Sounds a bit strange. I feel like "tracked files" are committed
files, and that staged files are "about-to-be-tracked files" so in a sort
of a transient state. But in the mean time it also makes sense cuz' we
don't want commands that act on untracked files to act on staged untracked
files. But then I feel the reverse should also be true, and I don't want
commands that *specifically don't act on untracked files* (like git-reset)
to act on staged untracked files...

So I'm not sure what to think here. I've searched through the git-glossary,
git-add, git-update-index, git-status etc man pages and couldn't find any
hints on wether staged files are tracked files or not. Can anyone shed some
light on this?

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